Islamic Festival

iFest (stand for Islamic Festival) is a combination of three big event annually conducted in Universiti Teknologi Petronas . Ladies' Valency 2012 will officiate the opening of iFest followed by SFDM and H4I will end this significant festival . May Allah be with all of us throughout this festival .

Ladies' Valency

Ladies’ Valency 2012 is an annually organised event by Jabatan Hal Ehwal Siswi Universiti Teknologi Petronas . With the theme " Her ultimate balance of life . Ladies' Valency 2012 aspires to facilitate an educational touch for women regarding excellence, healthy, balanced lifestyle as well as their role and responsibility toward society. To educate a women means to educate a nation. .

Seminar Fiqh Dakwah Mahasiswa

We have seen in reality on how Muslims are being despised and hated by non-Muslims. This phenomenon has hit and spread all over the world, which is known as Islamophobia which is in fact, the failure of Muslim explain the reality of this beautiful religion .

Heart 4 Islam

As an initiative to foster the understanding of the “Sulbah” system to others, the An-Nur Islamic Centre of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, in collaboration with Rakan Masjid UTP would like to continue organizing the “Heart For Islam” Festival 2012, with the theme “Towards A Balanced Nation”.